Business Plans

Development of for-profit and for-purpose business documentation, structure and plans.

Business and Personal Coaching Services

Find strenghts and weaknesses, personal coaching and accountability used to improve desired areas.

Marketing Plans

Dynamic Marketing plans: and hyper focused strategies to help you hit your goals.

Growth Planning

Structured document based plans, checks and balances based growth plans.


Evaluation & Development Business SOP, and recomendations to minimize time loss, and maximize performance.

Interpreter Services

English, Spanish, French: vocal and document interpreter services.

Social Media Sevices

Evaluation of online presence, and guidance of targeted and or desired platform content generation.

If you are new to our site you may be asking, what’s V3 and what’s the value of a being part of a Tribe? V3 is an excited, knowledgeable and ambitious group of individuals. Everyone in the group has either a for-profit, non-profit or work for a business. This is a diverse group of individuals that found each other while at a local non-profit event, at some great business event or just getting some stuff done at a local coffee shop. In addition to events and coffeeshops, some of the members in the tribe were referrals from our “V3 connect” services. What we have in common is that we know none of us is better than all of us and we know how important it is to have the best connections and information possible to help our businesses grow. We love to meet and share ideas and thoughts on how to improve situations that impact us all. We get to learn form each other with the common goal of helping everyone in the tribe be better equipped for the changes that are going to impact us all. A “tribe” defined is a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader. We look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can add value and get you the connections that you need to grow your future. Have a great day, looking forward to hearing from you!

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Here at V3 Consulting our clients will find a network of very knowledgeable and highly skilled individuals with the common goal of aiding our clients in the development of their new product, service or business. We know how hard and at times frustrating this process can be, so our goal is to streamline this process by assisting, creating, and guiding our clients through this process. We make the dreams and goals of our clients our number one priority.


“V3 connect” is a service that is designed to aid in the development and referrals of connections to help an organization grow and/or for people and businesses that need a non-profit or for-profit’s services and or products. After an interview and evaluation of interested originations and or businesses, a group may have the option to join “V3 connect”. This requires 6-12month obligation as well as “tribal dues".

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Join the V3tribe newsletter: Being part of the Tribe means, you have a great source of information for upcoming events and interesting events that will impact our businesses, our lives and some fun events as well. We can’t forget fun things that will make us smile. Through the newsletter, we can stay connected with other people that are part of the tribe and those that are new to the tribe. The newsletter will come out 4 times a year packed with great information. And who knows… some of that great information in the next newsletter could be about your great business and or non-profit!

Get a free 30 min consultation! Thanks for your interest in V3tribe and what we can do you help your business get connected and grow. We look forward to hearing from you and setting up a time to meet in our local area.